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Exeter Liberal Democrats Manifesto 2018

April 24, 2018 11:57 PM
By Adrian Fullam
Originally published by Exeter Liberal Democrats

Exeter Liberal Democrats Manifesto

Exeter City Council Elections - 3 May 2018

Exeter Liberal Democrats believe in Local Democracy. Liberal Democrat candidates are empowered to speak up for the areas they represent and are bound together by a common philosophy rather than strict party discipline. Those who elect a Liberal Democrat Councillor will have a representative who answers primarily to the voters in the ward. However we have some common aspirations which provide a guide to our priorities.

The Labour dominated City Council are squandering millions on a failing city centre scheme on the bus station site. Liberal Democrats would cut our losses, balance the budget by stopping reckless borrowing - and divert resources back to the communities that are providing them. A responsible Liberal Democrat run Council will mean Councillors can deliver improvements for their local areas and not just rubber-stamp debt repayments while making excuses for stagnation.

Housing for Exeter

Protecting social housing

The Liberal Democrats would seek to protect and improve its current housing stock and ensure the Council worked closely with other social housing providers

A plan to tackle Exeter's homeless crisis

Liberal Democrats will seek to set up an Exeter homeless task force. This would bring together mental health services, housing associations and charities. The task force would oversee an action plan to deal with rising street sleeping and street begging and seek to ensure that we find a home for all those who want one.

Delivering balanced communities

We agree that there is too much purpose built student accomodation being developed in our city. This is short sighted planning from the current Labour run council that risks destroying the character of our city. Therefore we propose that brown field sites should have priority use for homes for local families including social housing.

A better environment for Exeter

Affordable public transport

A Liberal Democrat run Exeter City Council would seek to work with transport providers and Devon County Council to deliver cheaper bus fares for Exeter residents. We will also talk to rail operators about an Exeter Explorer ticket that would allow unlimited day travel within an Exeter zone of the rail network.

A cycle friendly city

We would work with Devon County Council in developing the cycle path along Topsham Road, reducing the need for shared pathways. We would also work with the cycling community to ensure shared pathways with pedestrians are safely used to avoid injury and accidents.

Growing our own

A Liberal Democrat Council believes that allotments play a key role in helping to keep our city green and sustainable. That's why we would work with allotment tenants to improve security and facilities.

Parks and Open Spaces

The Liberal Democrats would encourage and support greater community involvement with residents and community groups to ensure they have a say in how their parks are maintained and managed in the future.

Protecting Exeter from overdevelopment

Liberal Democrats would work to protect our parks and open spaces from development. We would also work with developers to ensure new sites have clear community facilities, designated park space and that the houses meet up-to-date environmental standards.

Investing in a better Exeter

21st Century Sports Hub

The Liberal Democrats oppose the spiralling spending on the stalled bus station development, which offers inadequate pool facilities and a smaller, inferior bus station. Instead, Liberal Democrats favour further investigation into building a complex at the Exhibition Fields site to create a sports hub for the City. The Liberal Democrats would ensure an up to date Sports Policy is in place for the city.

Increased support for community projects

Liberal Democrats would increase the community ward project budget - giving Councillors direct control over money that can help their local area via local community groups.

A performance venue for Exeter

Liberal Democrats will look at sustainable models for developing a new performance venue in a suitable city centre site such as the Corn Exchange.

Investing in Exeter's communities

Liberal Democrats want to ensure the benefits of a growing city are shared with every community, particularly the most deprived areas. We would set aside money from the Community Infrastructure Levy to be used as targeted investment to rejuvenate some of Exeter's most deprived neighbourhoods.

Services that deliver for Exeter

New food waste collection

Liberal Democrats would oppose Labour's policy and introduce a new food waste collection service in Exeter. This service would reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill and help make Exeter the top local authority in Devon for recycling.

Transparency and accountability

Liberal Democrats oppose Labour's secrecy and backroom decisions. We will invite the public to take part in scrutiny panels - similar to that used for social housing - for parks, waste and other identified services. They will have the power to make recommendations on service levels and propose improvements to how we deliver improvements to how we deliver services in Exeter

Safer Exeter

No-one in Exeter should live in fear of crime or should have to tolerate the effects of crime and anti-social behaviour. Labour have abolished the community patrol service and extended environmental health services protected by the last Liberal Democrat led Council in Exeter. Liberal Democrats will support abolishing the Police and Crime Commissioner role and costs and use the money to get more police on the streets in Exeter.

Reversing Labour's cuts

Labour have squandered millions from a rising Council tax base, New Home Bonus funding and Community Infrastructure Levy. In addition they have hiked car park charges for a second time this year bya whopping 13%. By cancelling Labour's overpriced pool project, we can reverse some of the cuts. That's why a Liberal Democrat run Council would increase the number of enforcement officers to deal with dog waste, fly tipping, grafitti and noise issues - to help keep our city clean and safe.

A functioning democracy for Exeter

A Labour majority has meant that they have seized control of the scrutiny leadership roles from the opposition. Unsurprisingly, these 'leaders' are unknown and their role is to supress debate and scrutiny in order to protect Labour's reputation. Liberal Democrats welcome a vigorous and plural decision making process with all views taken into account from all perspectives. Liberal Democrats will listen and work with anyone with a positive agenda and inclusive values - and reject the petty tribalism that has neutered democracy recently in Exeter.