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8 Brexit Bungles

December 14, 2018 3:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

1. Thersa May rules out revoking Article 50

The ECJ rules that No Brexit is an option but Theresa May blindly ploughs ahead with her broken deal. We were given the option to get out of this mess and Theresa May turned it down.

Only by having a People's Vote will Theresa May listen and cancel Brexit before it's too late.

2. The Government is found in contempt

The Government is found in contempt of Parliament for the first time this century. Having no respect for transparency, they withheld cabinet legal advice on Brexit.

Theresa May wants to cover up and hide how bad her deal is.

A People's Vote is clear, unambiguous and transparent.

3. Labour threaten a no confidence vote

They've drafted a no confidence vote but will they actually use it? The track record doesn't look good. We deserve better than hot air and empty promises.

So Tory MPs are allowed to change THEIR minds, but the British People are not!?!

4. The Tories nearly bin Theresa May

Apparently, Conservative MPs are the only ones who are allowed a vote!

Over 25% of Theresa May's MPs think her deal stinks. They challenge her leadership. 117 of them vote to get rid of her - well over half of her backbenchers, the MPs that are NOT on the government payroll.

The Tories can't even decide who they want to lead them. How can they deliver a Brexit that works for Britain?

We will bring the power back to the people with a People's Vote and a final say on the deal.

5. Rees Mogg's Failed Rebellion

The backwards Jacob Rees-Mogg launched a failed coup against the Prime Minister.

How embarrassing for our country - that we have this throwback in a position where he can even launch this attack. Brexit has elevated these extremists to positions of influence they no right to have.

6. May pulls the Brexit vote

At the last minute Theresa May pulls her Brexit vote. She knows her broken Brexit deal won't succeed so is forced to retreat.

Where is the strong and stable leadership she promised? This is a laughing stock - cancelling a crucial vote at the 11th hour because she realised it was going to fail badly.

7. Theresa May fails to force her deal on Parliament.

But not even her party has faith in it. She gets defeated in Parliament three times in one day, and in a No Deal scenario, she has to bring it back to MPs. Theresa May keeps trying to put the blinkers on democracy.

Only a People's Vote is open, transparent and clear.

8. Labour does nothing. Again.

Labour have consistently voted with the government on Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn won't listen to the people or his own party, who are desperate for a People's Vote. We deserve a real opposition in government.

We'll back a no confidence vote if Labour bring it forward. But Jeremy Corbyn is set on his beloved Brexit and the only way to stop him is to have a People's Vote.

So there you go. We've spotted a few people for Santa's naughty list. In the meantime, we'll keep fighting to put the power in your hands and secure a People's Vote. Not sure we can say the same for Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn…